Welding Cable Lugs

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Reusable Lugs for 16mm and 25mm Cable

Reusable Lugs for 16mm and 25mm Cable£1.54 excVat£1.85 incVat

Reusable Lugs for 35mm Cable

Reusable Lugs for 35mm Cable£1.77 excVat£2.12 incVat

Reusable Lugs for 50mm Cable

Reusable Lugs for 50mm Cable£2.02 excVat£2.42 incVat

Hammer On Cable Lugs

Hammer On Cable Lugs£2.97 excVat£3.56 incVat

Lugs for 16mm Cable

Lugs for 16mm Cable£0.39 excVat£0.47 incVat

Lugs for 25mm Cable

Lugs for 25mm Cable£0.53 excVat£0.64 incVat

Lugs for 35mm Cable

Lugs for 35mm Cable£0.70 excVat£0.84 incVat

Lugs for 50mm Cable

Lugs for 50mm Cable£0.76 excVat£0.91 incVat

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items